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  1. baslinux mail list site
  2. BasLinux Archives by date
  3. Linux Links
  4. Lynx home page
  5. Washtenaw Weather NOAA
  6. Weather Ann Arbor, Michigan (48103) Conditions & Forecast (short)
  7. UMich Music School calendar of events
  8. Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment
  9. Encyclopedia - nationmaster (also statistics)
  11. - free sheet music (small selection)
  12. The Sheet Music Archive free classical sheet music
  13. Free sheet music directory : links
  14. CLASSICAL midi and zip
  15. CLASSICAL MIDI CONNECTION many free downloads
  17. midi files
  18. classicalmidiresource zip files
  19. free classical midi javascript subscription
  20. The Ultimate Chopin MIDI Collection
  21. Classical Guitar Midi Archives (transcriptions, many)
  22. Bach WTKII midi harpsichord
  23. Classical MIDI David Siu
  24. SoundFont library - sfark sets of instruments
  25. DOS Vintage MIDI Sequencers
  26. Allegro - links to soundfonts
  27. Mplayer releases and codecs with rp9codecs 500K
  28. mplayer codecs individual
  29. Delicast streaming radio links 16K and up
  30. Classic FM Johannesburg South Africa internet radio
  31. DR P2 Classical Copenhagen internet radio 32K
  32. France Musique 31K (classical and folk)
  33. vTuner Homepage - internet radio links by genre
  34. Cesky Rozhlas 3 Vltava classical folk
  35. Radio Sai Global Harmony AfriStream India western classical
  36. Radio Sai Global Harmony AmeriStream Indian folk
  37. Radio Tetove Albanian folk and other music
  38. Radio Jam Abidjan Ivory Coast native music 20K wma
  39. Radio UNAM Mexico 32K classical
  40. Radio UNAM FM Mexico 32K classical (different from AM)
  41. Radio Regina Kosice 32K public world folk and ?
  42. Belarusan Culture Channel 32K variety/classical
  43. KXTR 1660 AM classical KS 34K wma
  44. Radio Beethoven Classical Santiago Chile (guitar) 32K
  45. Radio MEC Rio de Janero 8K classical sounds good
  46. Classical Music 2-min selections FM 181
  47. - TP-LINK modem driver for linux?
  48. Live TV smartstreams list
  49. Watch Television broadcasts on the Internet 28K plus
  50. Beeline internet TV
  51. RCA Vinyl LP catalog
  52. KC VINYL - catalogs (not complete) EMI RCA Philips Mercury Capitol CBS Other
  53. The GNU/Linux "usbnet" Driver
  54. Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)
  55. USR updates archive (model 0460 = 1787) x2 > v90
  56. Win98SE Intel i810 Chipset Drivers (8MB video etc.)
  57. online Polish-English dictionary 60,000 terms (good)
  58. Online dictionaries in many languages (links, best site)
  59. Fabaceae | Family - vigna, cicer, phaseolus etc.
  60. Low level format utilities for the hard disk
  61. tmview - view .dvi files with svgalib, fb or X
  62. $13.32 Upgrading and Repairing Laptops used no DVD
  63. AMD Socket 7 cpus through 550 voltages etc.
  64. How to make xp take less ram! - Dev Hardware
  65. Palm OS Software - miniterm, bigclock, other links
  66. palmpilot notes - networking (dial ISP)
  67. Dan Harkless' Palm OS Terminal Apps - telnet and ssh
  68. Chronology of Handheld Computers (2002)
  69. Grex Status Page (grex is down)
  70. Palm IR Connection HOWTO for linux
  71. How do I force my modem to connect at a particular speed?
  72. - cp1250 font for linux
  73. cvsweb bdf fonts for use with netpbm
  74. ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet
  75. PC Code Page 866
  76. Test of the KOI8-R symbols (lynx)
  77. koi8r - Kermit
  78. site with cp1251 ibm866 iso8859-5 koi8 and x-mac cyrillic
  79. DOS iomega drivers
  80. cacert.pem.gz - latest cert from Mozilla, converted to .pem
  81. Winter Academic Term 2007 Course Guide