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July and early August 2002

In late July we went to the grex picnic at Island Park in Ann Arbor, where you have ducks on the lawn. Grex is our free (supported by donations) local computer conferencing system, where anyone in the world with telnet access, or anyone with local phone access, can have a Unix shell account, a Pine text-based email account, and lots of good online conversation. We had a magnificent thunderstorm after a long drought. Jim went back to get two 486 computers that he found on the way (people always put large nice things out for us when they know we will be biking by) and had to wait two hours for it to clear before joining us. It was dark and gloomy but we took photos anyway.

Here is Jan and Valerie's son Arlo enjoying the water,Quentin, Ken, Sindi, Scott, Tim (tpryan), Eric (ea), Jan, Valerie, Kendra, balynce and lots ofjunk food in a pavilion while it rained, and Tim and his new (smaller) car . Here is a table with Marcus (mdw), buddy, Mark (aruba), Tim, balynce and ea . Our bikes are in the rear, and another grexer whose name I forget also came on person-powered wheels.

In late July we were visited by our old housemate (1985) Yilin and his wife Ming and son Lian Han and young daughter Jing Jing, whom we last saw in Chicago. (See their Chicago photos with lots of good home cooking at Geocities.)

In early August we enjoyed a visit with Jim's son Dave Deigert, who is a geology major at Michigan Tech in Houghton. Jim and Dave and groundhog #4 (in the trap, on the bike, wrapped in black plastic) and I biked to Parker Mill along the river, where we let it go in the woods . Here is another local resident (raccoon) which climbed onto Jim's bike that evening to beg for food at my back door. We stopped for a picnic (you can see the empty trap folded up in Jim's milk crate) and also to visit Jim's old neighbor Ted (not home) who was having some major landscaping done. (As Joel, Jim's housemate, put it - some crazy guy on Geddes Rd. is filling his whole yard with rocks and waterfalls.)

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