Cynthia (Sindi) Keesan
504 Hiscock #1
Ann Arbor MI 48103

Telephone 734-274-9463 (Google Voice)
Send email to my last name at freeshell dot org
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Languages (into English in order of fluency)

For information about Albania / Shqiperia and Albanian /shqipe click here, to join a webring or meet other people interested in Albania or Kosova / Kosovo click here.

Subject Areas

Translation Experience

Agencies/References (a selection from over fifty)

Nonscience Translations:

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Related Work Experience

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Education and Travel

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Hardware and Software

IBM-compatible computer, WP5.1 for DOS, email delivery. Fax only on the fine setting, leave 1" margins, and enlarge small print first. I enjoy challenges but prefer legible copy. Please call first before faxing, but I do have a fax-phone switch.

Reference Materials

Extensive University of Michigan library collections of mono- lingual, bilingual and polyglot dictionaries, journals, textbooks

Private collection includes Czech-English Polytechnical, Medical, Computer, Electronics, Chemistry, Foundry, Business dictionaries, numerous other bilingual dictionaries; textbooks and dictionaries in medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, botany, ecology, geology, physics, electronics, etc.

Online dictionaries (free) listed at and yourdictionary

Some good sites listed are:

Another site with links to online dictionaries, discussions of machine translation and demos, a translators' forum, and a place to list your services free is foreignword.

Gabe Bokor of Accurapid has both an online translators' journal and a long listing of translation related sites.

Technical editing of my work by friends in medicine, computer hardware and software, engineering, electronics.

Availability - when you can catch me. Be persistent, I am rarely out of town. Can do up to 5000 words/day for limited periods, if legible.

Rates: $0.15/word standard turnaround; discounts (or free) for students, refugees and other unemployed immigrants, and deserving nonprofit groups.

Free translator referral service for other translators to and from Slavic, Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian), Balkan (Greek, Albanian, Turkish, Romanian), Hungarian, etc. Please call back with evaluations of their work and current contact information.

To contact the Slovene Technical and Scientific Translators' Association (for translations into Slovene) click here


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