My hair all finished falling out after my last chemotherapy January 26, 2003. It grew in much curlier at about 1/2" per month for the next one year and five months, as you can see from pictures we took by Jim's garage and at the closest beach -Independence Lake. Since there is no public transportation, and it is 12 miles (1.75 hours over gravel roads) from here, we biked there during 95 degree weather to swim in the 79 degree water. I have been getting rather tired of having my hair catch burrs and little buzzy things that can't find their way out of it, so it was time for a haircut. Jim was experimenting with his newest digital camera, a genuine Argus (they used to be made in Ann Arbor where we live). Here is a before shot and here is an after shot of my hair (using the self-timer, which is much faster at taking photos than Jim is). We swam in the official swimming area (but as you can see, not everyone read the signs).

Jim and his sisters visited relatives around Michigan, starting at Dorothy's and Jennifer's houses in Warren (Jim, great nephew Dylan, sister Sally), and continuing with cousin Joanne and Jim's son Dave various parts of Michigan.

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