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Read about my experience with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
late summer 2003
fall 2003.
winter 2003 to spring 2004

I passed my final exams Jan 27 2009 and am officially cured.

We preserve our own fruit, but we were put to shame by some friends who borrowed the picker to can a few pears and did everything according to the books. See what Mark and Carol did with their harvest. Their photos belong in a cookbook.

My photo - 8K jpeg

We have a digital camera since 2001. See lots of our photos at Geocities site including our Sept. 2001 train and bike trip to Iowa and friends' photos.

See July 2002 photos of Ann Arbor and the grex annual picnic.

Aug 2002 bike trip around our county in Michigan
second part of this trip

Sept 2002 bike trip
around three counties to the west and north.

fall 2002 photos of Ann Arbor and friends

summer 2005 photos haircut at Independence Lake

See first second - Vermont only and third (renamed and somewhat selected) collections of photos from fall 2005 trip east. For our 2006 trip to Kentucky but see fall06 unsorted photos.

summer 2007 photos of our garden

2008 events

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